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Women’s Kickboxing

June 28, 2007

There are many women who want to learn Muay Thai kickboxing, but are afraid that they may not be able to learn it, as their sex might play bar. I will like to tell these women that they have no reason to lose their heart. Women are very much eligible for Muay Thai kickboxing lessons. And women kickboxing is today an integral part of Muay Thai fights. Kick boxing girl, woman kickboxing, women kickboxing


In fact there are many international women’s Muay Thai tournaments of wide reputation. And some of them are even professional tournaments. For example the Professional Women’s IKF World Championship.


Take it from me, a lot of gutsy women have already made their mark on this dazzling martial art. There are Tenille May of Australia, Mappela Lehtonen of Finland, Pernilla Johansson of Sweden, Wendy Miranda of Australia, and many others. They have all pursued their passion for Muay Thai with strong determination, have flawlessly mastered Muay Thai kickboxing techniques, and have established themselves at unquestionable heights in the world of women’s kickboxing.


So madam, just pull up your socks, and swing into action. Give your best for the Muay Thai traiing. And become the next kickboxing girl to rule women’s kickboxing.

Muay Thai kickboxing’s popularity has now spread much beyond Thailand. Other day I was just reading this site www.muaythai.cc It’s very informative. Anyway, it says how Muay Thai boxing has now become highly popular in other countries apart from its country of origin, Thailand.

Just think of it. It was so many years back that Muay Thai kickboxing started. And its popularity is not only intact, rather it has increased manifold. And, moreover, its appeal has spread to so many other countries spanning South East Asia, USA/Canada, Australia, oooops! It means now it is popular almost in the entire word. Now the countries other than Thailand are not only participating in international Muay Thai events, rather they are holding Muay Thai kickboxing events at their own places. And they are also developing Muay Thai training infrastructure, with lots of Muay Thai training camps, competent trainers, etc.

All this explains the greatness of the art. Not only retaining the popularity, but increasing it manifold. And spreading it almost all over the world. Just like Yoga, isn’t it? It has also successfully retained its popularity, has increased it manifold, and has spread the popularity in countries other than its origin, India.