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Muay Thai Kickboxing

May 14, 2007

Muay Thai kickboxing or Muay Thai boxing is the national sport of Thailand, and in all probability the most popular game of that country. And beside that, it is also highly popular in various other Asian countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam; USA/Canada; Europe; Australia/New Zealand; etc.

I got a good idea about the origin and evolution of the sport from the site www.muaythai.cc. The sport, also known as Thai Kickboxing or Thai Boxing, supposedly originated from Muay Boran. Muay Boran itself came into being from Krabi Krabong, the Thai combat style with a sword.

The 16th century Thai king Naresuan made the martial art compulsory for every soldier, resulting into the growth of the game’s mass popularity. His successors retained this royal patronage, helping the game to have a constantly upward popularity graph cutting across the social strata.

And today Muay Thai kickboxing not only enjoys the same popularity among the Thai people, rather it has increased manifold. Moreover, today that popularity has spread far beyond the shores of Thailand, in various countries in various corners of the world. It is proved by the innumerable Muay Thai tournaments in Thailand and other countries, each enjoying a huge mass craze.

However, with the changing times, there have been some changes/modifications/evolutions in Muay Thai kick boxing. For example, in old days Muay Thai fights would take place anywhere with adequate space. But today they take place at snazzy stadia.

Then there have been changes in attires and accessories. For example, strips of horse hair on fighters’ hands and forearms have been replaced by hemp ropes or starched strips of cotton.

Then we can also talk about groin box. There was a time when groin guards were made up of tree bark or sea shells, forming a triangular shaped pillow. Today the fighters fight wearing groin guards.

And then another significant introduction is that of gloves.

However, there has been absolutely no change in the popularity of the game. Oh no, I am sorry. Yes there has been change in popularity. It has had a huge hike, and that is continuous.


Do you have any plan for Muay Thai training? Well, have a small suggestion. Just make sure that your physical and metal strengths are much, much higher than that of an average person. No dear, I am not exaggerating. Trust me, you can withstand Muay Thai training techniques only if you are much more strengthy – both physically and mentally – than a normal guy.


You can have a clear idea about the toughness of the Muay Thai training program from the site www.muaythai.cc. Just visit the site once, and you will know what it means to undergo Muay Thai training.


The Muay Thai training program can be broadly divided into the body conditioning activities and actually Muay Thai techniques.


In the body conditioning activities you will have to go through various strenuous physical activities including running, stretching, shadow boxing, bag work, practicing with Thai pad, rope jumping/skipping, medicine ball, speed ball/bag, double end bag, grappling, sparring, clinch work, weight training, body weight resistance exercises, etc.


These body conditioning activities will result into developments like weight loss, flexibility, etc.

In actual Muay Thai techniques you will learn using everything including fists, elbows, shins, feet and knees. You will learn punch techniques (like jab, straight right/cross, hook and uppercut), elbow techniques (like uppercut, downward, etc.), kicking techniques (like push kick, roundhouse kick, etc.) and knee techniques (Kao Dode, Kao Loi, Kao Tone, etc.). All these techniques are tough, and can be learnt only by sheer dedication and hard work.

So now you have an idea how challenging Muay Thai training is. So go for it only if you are determined about it. And, before you go for the training, I will suggest you to make some study about the Muay Thai training program. That will make you mentally prepared for all what you have to do. In my opinion www.muaythai.cc will be a good site to have a comprehensive pre-training idea about Muay Thai training techniques.