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The 5th season of The Ultimate Fighter is going to be organized on Saturday, June 23, 2007. Titled the Ultimate Fighter 5, the event is a reality television and mixed martial arts series. According to the show’s usual format, sixteen prospective mixed martial arts fighters are secluded in a house near Las Vegas, Nevada and trained together while participating in a single-elimination tournament. The winner is gets a six-figure UFC contract. For more information of The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale and K1 Mixed Martial Arts visit: http://www.muaythai.cc/

So far I did not know much about the customs and superstitions that they have in Muay Thai kickboxing. But other day I came to know about some from www.muaythai.cc. Some very interesting superstitions they have. And you know? They are considered to be the quintessential part of Thai kickboxing.

For example tattoo inscription is a very popular Muay Thai custom. They get it done through temple priests, witchdoctors, medicine men, etc. It is believed that some of these tattoos control good fortune, bad luck, ghosts, and spirits. And some others are known to attract qualities like strength and courage. Wow!

And then there is this practice of rubbing special oils and mixtures or potions on the skin. They supposedly prevent pain and vulnerability.

I also found the custom of Kreung Rang to be very interesting. It is a special amulet that the fighters wear around their necks. Kreung Rang is believed to carry special magical powers. And another thrilling practice is that of wearing pieces of ancestral bones. They are supposed to represent the good spirits of the fighter’s ancestors.