Jet shareholders approve $400

September 25, 2009

Jet and Kingfisher Airlines, the other private full-service carrier in the country, badly require an equity infusion to remain afloat, said an aviation analyst requesting anonymity.

Jet is yet to decide on the fund-raising instrument. As reported by ET, the company has sought the government’s permission to sell shares to overseas investors as it may be hard to raise $400 million from domestic investors alone.

Any share sale will result in dilution of shareholding of the promoters who hold 80% in the company. The Jet stock slipped 0.35% to close at Rs 311 on BSE.

The domestic aviation industry has been badly hit by surging crude oil prices last calendar year, which touched a high of $147 per barrel in September last year. With economic slowdown making people go for cheaper options, full-service airlines have been forced to keep their fares very low to check travellers from moving to low-cost carriers. In the process, they are piling up losses, while budget carriers such as IndiGo and SpiceJet are making money. Jet suffered a net loss of Rs 225 crore for the quarter ended June 30, 2009, on a total income of Rs 2,428 crore. It posted highest-ever loss of Rs 961 crore in the year ended March 31, 2009. kingfisher airlines booking


Overwhelming to see the scintillating celebration to begin, a sea of people set to gather at the West Front of the Capital rocks the heart of a wintry Washington on Jan. 21. The massive mass of people is moving into the nation’s most storied house. Their poise presence is there for the president-elect Barack Obama. Hard to read or label, Barack Obama is centrist in his appointments and bipartisan in his style, yet he is pushing the broadest expansion of government in generations in a bid to hauling the country out of crisis seemingly undaunted by the magnitude of troubles awaiting him and unbothered by the few setbacks that have tripped him up. To make this majestic success a sheer reality, over 15 crore dollars is expected to expend in order to manage this affable affair. He is an icon for the young and a sign of deliverance for an older generation that never believed a man with his skin color would come up to vow to preserve, protect and defend a constitution that originally counted a black man as three-fifths of a person. His inauguration celebration as a coronation of a king gets set to start with great pomp and show. Just have a look!

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June 21, 2007

Today I am going to introduce a blog based on Muay Thai Photos i.e.:

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So far I did not know much about the customs and superstitions that they have in Muay Thai kickboxing. But other day I came to know about some from Some very interesting superstitions they have. And you know? They are considered to be the quintessential part of Thai kickboxing.

For example tattoo inscription is a very popular Muay Thai custom. They get it done through temple priests, witchdoctors, medicine men, etc. It is believed that some of these tattoos control good fortune, bad luck, ghosts, and spirits. And some others are known to attract qualities like strength and courage. Wow!

And then there is this practice of rubbing special oils and mixtures or potions on the skin. They supposedly prevent pain and vulnerability.

I also found the custom of Kreung Rang to be very interesting. It is a special amulet that the fighters wear around their necks. Kreung Rang is believed to carry special magical powers. And another thrilling practice is that of wearing pieces of ancestral bones. They are supposed to represent the good spirits of the fighter’s ancestors.

Today I m going to my informative blog on MuayThai i.e., I hope you will enjoy it.